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Where InfoGov Meets InfoSec: New Approaches to Data-Centric Security

60 min

A few years ago, a perimeter-based data breach was headline news. Today, the same type of breach is expected by most major corporations and government agencies. It’s clear that advanced perimeter security tools like next-gen antivirus cannot provide 100% protection.

Many organizations are now augmenting their perimeter tools with data-centric security solutions. We see Chief Privacy Officers working closer than ever with CISOs to safeguard personally identifiable information, non-public information, and sensitive corporate data. But has this truly minimized the risks? What are some of the new approaches to a data-centric security model?

Join us to discuss:

  • The role of automation and technology within InfoGov and InfoSec
  • The importance of knowing where your sensitive data is located
  • How quantified information governance can provide new perspectives on risk
  • Emerging requirements for a proactive and reactive approach to data security


  • Barclay Blair, Founder and Executive Director, Information Governance Initiative
  • Paul Shomo, Sr. Technical Manager, Guidance Software

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