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One-Click Forensic Analysis: A SANS Review of EnCase Forensic

55 min

SANS Instructor Jake Williams (@malwarejake) reviews EnCase Forensic 8.06, its features, and tests its capability to analyze digital forensic data. In this evaluation, SANS specifically evaluated the following features, each of which are covered in-depth in this webinar:

  • Acquisition of Forensic Data Features, including device acquisition and direct network preview
  • Productivity and Workflow Features, including pathways, indexing, keyword searching, EnScripts and App Central, and 4th pane
  • Evidence Processor Features, including prioritization, entropy analysis, email processing, and internet artifact processing
Jake Williams is joined by Harp Thukral, Product Manager of EnCase, to also discuss where EnCase Forensic is headed. 

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Internal Investigation , Criminal Investigation

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