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2016 In Review: What 5 Significant Breaches Taught Us About Endpoint Security

60 min

The year 2016 was a busy year for security teams, as there have been many notable compromise attempts and breaches, from data theft to digital extortion—and the year isn’t over yet!

It’s important to know that no one is immune. As executive leaders, you should understand how to manage digital risks, before they manage you.

Join us for the webcast to learn what went right and what went wrong during 5 of the standout cyber-attacks of 2016. Discover the lessons learned that can better prepare your security teams for the year ahead. And finally, learn how advanced endpoint detection and response can reduce visibility gaps in your environment and facilitate quick recovery from compromise.

We will examine:

  • The Bank of Bangladesh breach, where a group of attackers used compromised credentials to steal roughly $100M
  • The Hollywood Presbyterian breach in which a ransomware attack paralyzed healthcare operations until a ransom of $17,000 was paid
  • The Snapchat breach. In March of this year, a widespread phishing attack led to a large amount of personal information being exposed
  • The Yahoo Breach, one of the largest data breaches ever, in which account information of 500 million users was stolen
  • The Weebly breach which impacted 43 million users just last month


  • Mike Rothman, President, Securosis
  • Michael Harris, Chief Marketing Officer, Guidance Software

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