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Tableau products meet the critical needs of the digital forensic community worldwide by solving challenges of forensic data acquisition. Our forensic duplicators, write-blockers, password recovery solution, adapters, and accessories are time-tested and case-proven.

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Tableau Forensic Imager TD3


The Tableau Forensic Imager is as a portable alternative to carrying a forensic workstation into the field. It is a modular-based, fully-forensic duplicator that is network-enabled to provide the flexibility needed for any drive imaging requirements.


Image SATA, USB 3.0, and FireWire hard disks natively

Image SAS and IDE drives with the SAS Expansion Module and IDE Expansion Module

Write to one or two SATA drives using the SATA Storage Module (1:2 "twinning" mode with two connected)

Write to USB 3.0 drives with the USB 3.0 Expansion Module

Add two additional network connections with enhanced performance by using the Gigabit Ethernet Expansion Module

Standard operations:

  • Disk-to-disk (clone) duplication
  • Disk-to-file (image) duplication using raw DD, .e01, .ex01, or .dmg formats
  • Format
  • Wipe
  • Hash (simultaneous MD5 and SHA-1)
  • HPA/DCO detection and removal
  • Blank Disk Check


Imaging speeds up to 6 GB/minute (.e01, compressed with MD5 and SHA-1 hashing)

Wiping speeds in excess of 6 GB/minute

Supports imaging to NTFS, HFS+, exFAT and FAT32 destination storage media

Supports enhanced networking options such as network-based forensic acquisitions, remote triage, and network-based write-blocking

Access the Tableau Forensic Imager remotely using a secure web interface

Flexible product architecture supports a wide variety of forensic use cases

Intuitive user interface provides easy operation with minimal training

Localized user interface supports English, Portuguese (Brazilian), Spanish (Spain), French, German, and Russian

A pop-up, color touch-screen for entering data, reviewing logs, connecting to networks, and completing setup/operation

Attach an external USB keyboard for even easier data entry

Generates detailed forensic logs for case documentation

User profiles allow examiners to save their custom preferences

Packaged in removable foam inserts custom-built to drop into a Pelican 1500 hard case

Free Tableau firmware updates

Connectors: Source Side
SATA One SATA signal connector
USB 3.0 One USB 3.0 Standard-A connector
FireWire One 1394b "FireWire800" signal connector
Drive Power One 3M-style 4-pin power connector for the SATA drive
Connectors: Destination Side
SATA One 22-pin SATA connector for connection to TDS-family Tableau Storage Enclosures
Connectors: Misc
Ethernet One Gigabit Ethernet connector
Expansion One expansion connector for connection to TDPX-family Tableau Expansion Modules
SD Card One SD card connector for device firmware
DC Input One barrel connector for use with Tableau TP5 power supply
User Interface
LCD 4.3 in. Graphic LCD (272 x 480 resolution) with Capacitive touch-screen
Power Button One power on/off button
Status LEDs
DC Power In Power is available at power source
Power TD3 is powered on
SATA Devices SATA I, II, or III hard drives
USB Devices USB 3.0, 2.0, and 1.1 devices
Power Supply Tableau model TP5 or TP4
Physical / Environmental
Power 18 Watts Typical Operating (Not Including Drive Power)
DC Input 13VDC (min) to 28VDC (max)
DC Output +5/12V @2A (spin-up)
DC Output (per drive) +5/12V @1A (continuous)
Dimensions 5.65 in. (L) x 5.5 in. (W) x 1.5 in. (H)
Weight 16oz (460g)
Storage Temperature Range -40 to 70 degrees C
Operating Temperature Range 0 to 40 degrees C ambient (room temperature)
Relative Humidity Up to 90% (non-condensing)
One year parts and workmanship from date of purchase


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