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How to Reduce Digital Risk and Meet International Compliance Standards

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EnForce™ Risk Manager

The Challenge

National and global regulatory frameworks for digital information are becoming more complex. GDPR, is the latest example of increased regulatory focus on data protection. With significant penalties for non-compliance possible, can your organization proactively identify, categorize, and remediate sensitive data, demonstrate compliance, and do so in a cost-effective way?


EnCase Risk Manager is designed to proactively identify, classify, and remediate private or sensitive data across the entire enterprise. Our new solution is system-agnostic and offers automated remediation and the deepest level of insight and control of electronic data across all endpoints and data stores. This enables organizations to implement data-driven information governance to improve business intelligence, ensure compliance, and mitigate many types of risks.

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Understand Your Data Landscape

Define sensitive, private, or aged data and determine its value. Understand where this data is, where it should be, and who has access to it.

Integrate Policy with Technology

Evaluate how you are managing sensitive data today and how you should be managing it. Shift away from the store everything mentality and begin to create clear policies around defensible deletion, retention, and privacy.

Automate Remediation

Adopt tools to drastically reduce the manual effort required to manage governance workflow. Continuous insight coupled with automated remediation capabilities will provide ongoing protection of your sensitive and private data.

How We Do It

The best Information Governance programs work in the background, allowing employees to work without disruption. Let us show you how our automated solutions will help you take a proactive approach to information governance, data risk management, and compliance.

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GDPR Enforcement Begins on May 25, 2018.
Will Your Organization Be Ready?

Equip your organization with the right tools and information to create a winning compliance strategy.


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