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Quantified Information Goverance: A New Path To Value From Data

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Barclay T. Blair, Executive Director & Founder, Information Governance Initiative

This whitepaper explores the idea of “Quantified Information Governance,” a concept by the Information Governance Initiative (IGI) that addresses both the philosophy and discipline of data-driven or evidence-based IG decision making. Too often, organizations make decisions based on tradition, superstition, or uninformed suppositions rather than facts. An example of this, which is explored in this whitepaper, is that even though the risk of an opponent in litigation making a successful claim that an organization illegally changed or deleted critical evidence (i.e., “spoliation”) is quantifiably low, the fear of this outcome paralyzes many organizations. As a result, they allow useless and even dangerous information to pile up, creating only unnecessary costs and risks.

Guidance Software’s new product – EnForce Risk Manager – is designed to systematically identify, categorize, and remediate sensitive and aged data throughout the enterprise. This product directly applies to the concept of Quantified Information Governance as defined by IGI.

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