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Why You Should Work In Cybersecurity
Why Work In Cybersecurity?
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A Day In The Life of a Sales Pro at Guidance feat Tony Lozinski
04-2017 Sizzle
Let us show you what Guidance Software is all about!

Who We Are

We're technology and business experts whose mission is to help organizations and the people they serve protect their most valuable data. We're Guides, and we love working with talented, ethical, enthusiastic people. We collaborate with some of the most brilliant minds in security and digital investigations every day. So if you're ready to use your original thinking to make a real difference in the world, take a closer look at Guidance Software. Let's do great things together!

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Our Mission

At Guidance, we exist to turn chaos and the unknown into order and the known–so that companies and their customers can go about their daily lives without worry or disruption, knowing their most valuable information is safe and secure.

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Why Guidance

Wherever people are protecting and investigating data, we're there helping leading global corporations and government agencies turn chaos into order. Makers of EnCase®, the gold standard in digital investigations and endpoint data security, we help customers find whatever you're looking matter where it's buried. With field-tested, court-proven applications and unmatched 360-degree visibility, our Guides work tirelessly each day to solve real problems from beginning to endpoint.

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