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Best Practices in Digital Investigations
using EnCase Forensic 8

Robert Batzloff, Product Manager, Guidance Software
Steve Salinas, Sr. Marketing Product Manager, Guidance Software

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Digital Forensics

How Rule 902 Actually Makes Your Life Easier

The Judicial Advisory Committee recently issued new rules regarding admission of electronic evidence that will go into effect on December 1, 2017. The amendment to US Federal Rule of Evidence 902 promises to save everyone a significant amount of time...
Feb 9

5 Must-See Sessions to Get the Most out of RSA 201...

Check out 5 of the sessions that we are most excited for during RSA 2017. Need a pass? Contact us for your free expo hall pass.
Feb 8

4 Reasons to do a Threat Assessment Now

With breaches constantly in the headlines, there are many reasons to conduct a cyber threat assessment, but listed below are four of the best. In this post Sr. Technical Manager Paul Shomo (@ShomoBits) introduces the new 360-degree Threat Assessment ...
Jan 5

Four 2017 Resolutions to Immediately Improve Cyber...

The new year is the perfect time to evaluate the health of your cybersecurity. Listed here are four security resolutions that can help any organization reduce digital risk as we start 2017.
Jan 3

Saudi Hacks and The Case for Endpoint Detection & ...

The November attacks using Shamoon Malware in Saudi Arabia demonstrate the need for a "continuous response" mindset and powerful endpoint detection and response (EDR) solutions. See how EnCase Endpoint Security can help prevent or mitigate data loss...
Dec 2

FTC Notes Forensic Security Capabilities Critical ...

Last week the FTC issued a new paper and accompanying video advising business on what to do in the event of a data breach. Having the right technology in place *before* a breach can make the difference between early detection and rapid, measured resp...
Nov 1

How to Maximize Cybersecurity when You Travel

Business travel is a fact of modern life. We are all increasingly mobile and carrying an increasing number of devices. This proliferation of connected devices beyond the corporate network is a nightmare for security teams, but there are some simple s...
Oct 19
Digital Forensics

Viewing Keyword Search Results by Hits in Forensic...

EnCase Forensic 8.02 is available now. This post highlights one of the changes that we added in direct response to examiner feedback. One of the most common requests we received was to bring back the option to view keyword search results by hit vers...
Oct 12
Digital Forensics

The Best Solution to Collect Data from Off-Network...

To that end, I’m excited to announce the release of EnCase Endpoint Investigator 8.02. 8.02 delivers a solution for one of the most frustrating situations investigators deal with – collecting data from off-the-network endpoints through a new Enhanced...
Oct 10
Digital Forensics

Have Brilliant/Weird EnCase Tips? Share to Win Ama...

Tell us “How you EnCase.” If you have a favorite tip, trick, or shortcut – send it to us at and you’ll be automatically entered for a chance to win a $100-dollar Amazon gift card and other Guidance prizes.
Sep 21

EnCase Enterprise is now EnCase Basic

Beginning in October, EnCase Enterprise will be known as EnCase Basic. The digital security landscape has changed and so have the products we offer at Guidance. If your organization is a current EnCase Enterprise (now EnCase Basic) customer, the chan...
Sep 16

4 Ways to be More Cyber-Aware and Reduce Digital R...

The best security software in the world can’t stop a user from clicking a malicious link or setting their password as ‘password.’ We’ve listed 5 simple tips below that can help anyone be more cyber aware.
Aug 30

How to Defend Against Point of Sale Malware Attack...

Point-of-sale (PoS) devices are machines used by businesses to conduct a retail transaction (i.e. a credit card swiper). Despite new technologies like chip-enabled credit cards and mobile payment systems, PoS malware continues to be a major threat, d...
Aug 16
Digital Forensics

How to Complete Digital Investigations That Win Ca...

We've created a free webinar on how to complete digital investigations that win cases using EnCase Forensic 8
Aug 10

4 Cybersecurity Threats You Need to Know

After attending cybersecurity conference Black Hat , we compiled a list of threats to watch for in the second half of 2016.
Aug 8
Digital Forensics

The Four Expectations of Forensic Hardware You Nee...

Because we’ve been active in digital forensics for almost twenty years, we know how to make completing digital investigations easier. At Guidance Software we build products around four principle expectations of forensic hardware
Jul 20
Digital Forensics

Five Things you need to Know About EnCase® Forensi...

"The long awaited release of EnCase Forensic 8 is here. " Working with the forensic community, we developed EnCase Forensic 8 with the users in mind. Our product management team spent time talking with customers, reviewing user requested enhancements...
Jul 13

Cyberinsurance: How to take advantage of benefits ...

Data breach insurance, if it were like auto insurance, would be pretty straightforward: You run up a bill responding to a data breach or get into a fender bender, file a claim, the reimbursement comes in, and maybe the rate goes up a little as your r...
Jun 1
Digital Forensics

Early demos show Internet of Things devices are po...

Jonathan Rajewski, director & digital forensics professor at Vermont’s Champlain College, is an Internet of Things (IoT) buff.
May 26
Digital Forensics

Forensic investigators: Advice from the pros to bo...

As a digital forensics professional, you know how to get on the electronic trail and help prove facts in civil and criminal cases. But when opposition attorneys are seasoned and crafty, explaining how you connected the digital dots can make the witne...
May 26

Enfuse Industry Keynote Speaker: Dr. Jennifer Golb...

When fewer controls mean more secure data, and how behavioral biometrics can help track the cyber criminals
May 25

Well-armed is well-prepared: Understanding the cha...

It would seem that the laws and procedures governing e-discovery would be stabilizing in 2016, right?
May 24

Patrick Dennis Keynotes Enfuse: IoT, social media,...

The time has come for forensic and security investigators to break down the door to IT departments and help them prepare for a coming data crime wave that will require companies to spend up to 60 percent of security budgets on data breach response by...
May 24
Digital Forensics

NTID Forensic Boot Camp: Learning to be Your Own A...

The inaugural National Technical Institute for Deaf (NTID) forensics boot camp kicked off this week with a day-long training session.
Mar 23

Legaltech Super Session Panel Recap: Adam Isles, E...

High-profile breaches have thrust security and risk into the spotlight.
Feb 12

Thoughts on $19B Cybersecurity National Action Pla...

Obama asked for $19 billion for cybersecurity efforts in his budget request
Feb 10

EnForce Risk Manager: Redefining Data Privacy & Co...

Have you ever asked yourself if your organization has control over its data?
Feb 4
Digital Forensics

Now Available OnDemand: Advanced Internet Examinat...

Keep your skills up-to-date from the comfort of your home or office – no travel justification needed.
Nov 19
Digital Forensics

Sneak Peek at One Piece of Our New Logo

Since 1997, Guidance Software has had a look
Nov 3

Get to Know Our New Logo Before the Rest

If you're ready to go further, look for that "Easter egg"
Nov 3

Finding those Easter Eggs?

We don't mean to egg you on... well, in fact, we do.
Nov 3
Digital Forensics

Best Practices in Recovering Data from Water-Damag...

How successful have you and your agency been in responding to water-damaged devices?
Oct 16

How to Streamline a Malware Investigation Down to ...

A seasoned investigator, however, has documented steps to help you investigate malware in 30 minutes or less.
Oct 14

The Truth About Predictive Coding: Getting Beyond ...

Explode some of the myths about practical computer-assisted review (CAR) approaches
Oct 13

EU Data Protection: When Your Organization's Lifeb...

EU is creating ripples that have the potential to create a global tsunami.
Oct 1
Digital Forensics

EnScript® Showcase – EnCase® App Central, Evidence...

Part 2 of 3 – Jamey Tubbs' Time Zone Prior to Processing
Sep 10

Celebrating Our 5-Star Rating from SC Magazine for...

We’re chuffed to announce that our EnCase® Endpoint Security product was given a five-star rating in this month’s SC Magazine Endpoint Security group product review.
Sep 4

Defending Your Security Program: The FTC, Breach C...

Data breaches continue to fuel major media bonfires
Sep 2
Digital Forensics

Q&A: Transitioning from EnCase Version 6 to Versio...

In this blog post, I've attempted to answer them and hope it helps you continue a productive transition.
Sep 1
Digital Forensics

EnScript® Showcase – EnCase® App Central, Evidence...

Part 1 of 3 – EnCase App Central & Manfred's Comprehensive Case Template
Aug 26

Panel of Experts from Dropbox, Seyfarth Shaw, and ...

Our 2015 E-Discovery Survey uncovered some valuable results, and you’re invited to hear our panel of e-discovery and security experts discuss them.
Jul 24

What Hit OPM? What We Know So Far

As a matter of national security, it is conceivable we may never learn the details of the malware used against OPM
Jul 9
Digital Forensics

Password Recovery Can be Practical

Guidance Software’s Tableau Unit recently released Tableau™ Password Recovery, a hardware + software solution to accelerate password attacks on protected files, disks, and other containers.
Jul 1

Office of the Secretary of Defense Calls for Empha...

This week, in response to the OPM breach, Chris Carpenter, the Security Director at the Office of the Secretary of Defense called for an emphasis on detection and response capabilities.
Jul 1
Digital Forensics

Why Now is the Time to Make the Move to EnCase® Ve...

Making the switch has been a productive choice for a number of our community of users.
Jun 25

The OPM Hack: I Smell a RAT

Let’s talk about remote administrator tools (RATs).
Jun 9

The OPM Breach: What Went Right

Today the national and federal press announced a “massive” breach of federal personnel data housed at the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) within the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).
Jun 4
Digital Forensics

EnScript and Python: Exporting Many Files for Heur...

Applying heuristics during deep-dive investigation allows us to apply rules of thumb during the process
Jun 3
Digital Forensics

My Thoughts on CEIC 2015

If you didn’t get to attend CEIC this year, you missed a good one. Try again for next year, and I think you will be well rewarded.
May 28

CEIC 2015 Highlights: Thwarting Malware, FRCP Rule...

CEIC® 2015 began with a one-day CISO/CLO Summit that gathered security and legal chiefs to collaborate on emerging best practices in defending the enterprise
May 22

New Research: In-House Legal Teams Reveal Top Tren...

Responded to by nearly 100 people from in-house legal departments and e-discovery service providers this survey shows some key trends with e-discovery teams
May 13
Digital Forensics

Digital Forensic Notables and Top-flight Instructo...

This is Part 3 of a 3-part series on the all-new and enhanced digital forensics labs and lectures at CEIC 2015.
May 12
Digital Forensics

Learn to Expand on the Value of EnCase at CEIC 201...

Our goal is to show you the brawn behind power EnCase users and apps, and by learning more about the EnScript® language, help you get to that same level.
May 7
Digital Forensics

The Good, the Bad, and the Diverse: Gain More Visi...

This is Part 2 of a 3-part series on the all-new and enhanced digital forensics labs and lectures at CEIC® 2015.
Apr 29

Heavy Hitters On Board to Share Unique E-Discovery...

Speakers in this e-discovery track include judges, corporate attorneys, outside counsel and e-discovery industry analysts, all of whom live and breathe e-discovery every day.
Apr 28

P&G E-Discovery Manager Outlines How to Streamline...

This case study is a must read whether you're currently implementing e-discovery in-house or whether you're researching how to do it.
Apr 24

Security and IR Labs at CEIC Focus on Advanced Mal...

CEIC 2015 is just a few weeks away and we’re excited to meet with you face-to-face on the show floor and in the conference sessions earmarked for cybersecurity and incident response professionals.
Apr 22
Digital Forensics

Ask the Expert: Yuri Gubanov, CEO of Belkasoft

In our recent webinar with Yuri and Oleg from Belkasoft, we had quite a few interesting questions and even more interesting answers.
Apr 21
Digital Forensics

CEIC Sessions on Digital Forensics Deliver on the ...

This is part 1 of a three-part series on the all-new, enhanced digital forensics labs and lectures at CEIC 2015.
Apr 17

Why Financial, Retail, and Healthcare Professional...

By now, you may have heard about our new CEIC industry roundtable sessions for professionals in retail, finance, and healthcare. These focused, media-free sessions provide a forum for security and e-discovery specialists to discuss current trends and...
Apr 9

New to CEIC 2015: Financial, Retail, and Healthcar...

The roundtable sessions were created to address specific cybersecurity and e-discovery needs, because each industry is influenced by different factors, uses different workflows, and stores different types of sensitive data that determines unique crim...
Apr 7
Digital Forensics

CEIC 2015: New EnCase Basics Track Shortens Your L...

If you're one of our newer customers, our new EnCase Basics track at CEIC 2015 makes perfect sense.
Mar 31
Digital Forensics

Parsing Windows ShellBags Using the ShellBags Pars...

ShellBags are used to store settings for shell-folders that have been browsed by the user in the Windows GUI.
Mar 30

CISO/CLO Summit 2015: One Day that Generates Actio...

As legal chiefs around the world get serious about cybersecurity as part of our mission to defend our organizations, we’re learning fast, but it’s time to go beyond education and begin taking action.
Mar 30
Digital Forensics

Build New Skills while Rubbing Shoulders with the ...

We worked hard to pack it with sessions that will put real-world context around some of the EnCase capabilities you've heard so much about.
Mar 27

New Track at CEIC 2015 Targets Critical Executive-...

The explosion of threats in digital forensics and security is pressuring executives to anticipate, assess, and respond with greater assurance and insight than ever before.
Mar 25

The Current Cyber Crisis and the IT Security Budge...

Spending on information security should be one of the highest budget priorities on any executive’s list. But smart spending is key.
Mar 24

E-Discovery 201 Webinar Series: Evidence Admissibi...

For the last three months we've been hard at work designing what we consider one of the best e-discovery webinar series available today.
Mar 19

Strategies for Mitigating Business Risks Associate...

You may be among the many organizations who are considering deploying enterprise file synchronization and sharing solutions (EFSS) or cloud repositories to empower your mobile workers, implement BYOD policies, and support collaboration. You’re in goo...
Mar 10

AMP Threat Grid Empowers Law Enforcement to Fight ...

Recognizing the critical need for state and local law enforcement agencies to have state-of-the art technologies to effectively fight digital crime
Mar 9
Digital Forensics

EnScript and .NET: Debugging in Visual Studio

Sometimes the problem is in the EnScript code, but other times it is in the C# code.
Mar 4

The Essential Risk of Facebook ThreatExchange

Last month Facebook announced a new social network called ThreatExchange
Mar 4
Digital Forensics

Using EnCase with the Latest Release of Belkasoft ...

Belkasoft has just updated its digital forensics suite, Belkasoft Evidence Center, making the tool a true, all-in-one forensic solution.
Feb 17
Digital Forensics

Firefox Cache2 Storage Breakdown

Mozilla introduced a new format of storage for the Firefox browser in version 27
Feb 10

Vote for the Biggest E-Discovery Challenges of 201...

New trends in TAR, collecting ESI from the cloud, BYOD… When it comes to e-discovery, what’s keeping you up at night?
Feb 10

The State of the Union Address and the Call for Co...

This week’s State of the Union Address was the fourth in a row in which President Obama highlighted the critical nature of cybersecurity.
Jan 23

2015: Fighting Adaptive Attacks Requires Adaptive ...

Attackers are always looking for new vulnerabilities to exploit technologies with large-scale adoption or use/create/modify malware that changes just enough to avoid known detection methods as it propagates through a corporate network.
Jan 6
Digital Forensics

Forensic Focus Review: Guidance Software EnCase Tr...

During the first week of December 2014, Guidance Software ran a computer forensics training course at its Slough offices in the UK, with the aim of helping forensic practitioners to understand and use EnCase as part of their investigations.
Jan 2