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EnCase Enterprise is now EnCase Basic

Security | Sep 16, 2016

Once, Juliet famously asked Romeo, “What’s in a name?”

Recently, Guidance Software announced a name change to EnCase Enterprise. Beginning in October, EnCase Enterprise will be known as EnCase Basic. The digital security landscape has changed and so have the products we offer at Guidance. If your organization is a current EnCase Enterprise (now EnCase Basic) customer, the change is in name only. EnCase Basic will deliver the same capabilities and benefits as it does today.

So why the change?

Introduced in 2003, EnCase Enterprise revolutionized how organizations conduct forensic investigations over the network. Since then, the use cases for digital security and EnCase have evolved and diversified. A “one-size-fits-all” solution is no longer adequate. We now deliver a suite of purpose-built, mission-critical forensic security applications that offer deep 360-degree visibility across all endpoints, devices and networks. EnCase Enterprise, now EnCase Basic, is one of our Forensic Security products, which also include:

  • EnCase Endpoint Security – The #1 ranked endpoint detection and response solution by Gartner – EnCase Endpoint Security enables cybersecurity professionals to proactively detect and remediate hidden security risks that can result in the loss of highly valuable data.
  • EnCase Endpoint InvestigatorThe most powerful and easy-to-use application for internal investigations. You can learn more about this new product, which allows users to collect data from a computer that is not on the network, by watching this short video.
  • This year, Guidance also released EnForce Risk Manager.  This new product helps organizations manage the risk associated with sensitive data – classifying, reporting and remediating files and information that pose a security risk and should not be stored on user endpoints.

The name change for EnCase Basic, reflects our strategy to provide purpose-built solutions to address today’s forensic security needs. EnCase Basic will continue to be fully supported and receive product updates going forward.

Whether it be completing an HR investigation, responding to a security incident, collecting ESI for a case, or identifying sensitive data across your network, you need a purpose-built solution that provides the right capabilities for you to be successful. That is what we do here at Guidance.

Thank you for your support.

For more information on any of our products, visit us at



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