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EnScript to send file metadata directly to Splunk

This EnScript was original designed to aid in the triage and processing of multiple hosts by multiple examiners while conducting Incident Response & Investigations and quickly collate all the data together. This can also be used to create simple timelines.

Imagine you work for a medium to large company and you have an incident that requires some immediate triage. "Triage" in this sense means that responders are going to need to connect, examine and evaluate several hosts to determine what is going on or what has happened. During this triage, it is likely that the examiner(s) are going to come across files/folders of interest that may need to be remembered, compared to other files found on other hosts and/or documented later.

This EnScript was designed to allow the examiner to simply "tag" those files/folders and send the data directly to To make this simple, you can easily setup your own IR/Investigative instance of Splunk that can digest up to 500MB of data daily, for free. The idea is to let each examiner dig through images/drives and quickly tag things of interest. All the data is sent to Splunk so it can easily be overlaid on top of other data and shown in relation to other hosts. This allows analysts to query and build real-time reports in Splunk while the triage is still happening.

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Version: 1
Tested with:
EnCase Forensic 7.06
Developer: Lance Mueller
Category: Incident Response



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